Our company has several years of experience in the field of installation of standard network links of network equipment and having a very good resume, is ready to provide services to private and public institutions.

The passive network service is one of the network services that we do with sensitivity and ultimate accuracy.

Although the appearance of the passive network service seems simple, it is very important.

Our experts will first review your environment and note your needs.

Then, the passive network implementation scheme is provided by the employer, and after the final approval of the employer, the passive work begins

Among the services that can be provided in cable networks are:

Install and execute trunking and duct types
Network cabling, telephone, electricity and UPS
Set up and run wireless networks and point to point
Streamlined network implementation
All kinds of rack and stand arrangement
Install patch panel types
Provides map of cable and wireless network
This is only part of our infrastructure service. We are committed to providing services based on international standards.