Our company, with expertise in designing and manufacturing Android software and producing over 100 Android apps, will solve all your Android programming and production needs.

Available services:
Graphic design of the software is completely professional and dynamic
2- Designing Android-based security systems for software such as Mobile Bank
3- Programming Android-based services as OOP
4. Programming software for working with the camera, sensor, working with the Internet and …
5. Programming for all Android phone models and all types of tablets
6. Work with the SQL Lite internal database
7. Design and build Android game
8. Web apps and mobile web
9. Location-based mobile apps
10. E-commerce on mobile
11. Integrate Databases with Mobile Server
12. Automation systems on mobile
13. Integration with existing social networks
14 – Provide media services in the form of streaming (Internet radio and …)
15 – Android Market Design and Programming with Online Payment